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Think about how you live on mission in your neighborhood or network of relationships.

… There will be so many incredible people you could impact.
… Such a rich array of options.
… Such a wide variety of possibilities.

But you can’t reach everyone simultaneously.

So, how do you know whom to focus on?

Prayer must be at the center of all you do as a missionary

Prayer must be at the center of all you do as a missionary

You will have lots of good wisdom and insight into your community, all of which is very useful. But there is one thing you need to do above all else:


Prayer. THIS IS VITAL!! Do not under-estimate this step – it is central to being in the center of the Lord’s will as you move out on mission. We need the Holy Spirit to give us the nudges, prompts and insights that reveal the spiritual realities that we will otherwise miss.

  • Who are we called to reach?
  • Where are we meant to most invest?
  • What are the best strategies and tactics?

I can’t give you those answers – but Jesus can.

To help you focus, here are 7 things to pray into:

  1. Give thanks for this specific community, celebrating any signs of where Jesus has already gone ahead of you (both now and in the past). It is important to come with a humble, thankful heart to the place of prayer.
  2. Ask God to reveal your Person of Peace (and maybe a Place of Peace).
  3. Bind the enemy and ask for spiritual awakening (Matthew 12:29). We are fighting a spiritual battle, so recognize that in your prayers.
  4. Bless people and their homes, schools, businesses, etc. This is part of praying for the welfare of the place where God has you at this time.
  5. Pray for favor and resourcing in that community. Your reputation will matter, as opportunity and support will flow as a consequence – and that is in God’s hands.
  6. Request the Lord of the Harvest to send out more laborers into the fields. Implicitly, how can we be the answer to those prayers – not only by going ourselves, but also by training others to go (including those we reach)?
  7. Seek Jesus and for His specific next steps that will make the most impact with those you are called to reach.

We have often found prayer walking to be a powerful way of doing this, as you walk in faith around the community to which you are called, with the eyes of your heart open to the promptings and insights of the Holy Spirit. Allow yourself to pray into details and specifics – nothing is too little (or big).

If you are struggling to gain clarity or breakthrough in a particular area, you might want to take some time to pray and fast, in order to gain the Lord’s insight and direction.

This type of praying is not a one-off – keep on returning to God in prayer for the people and place that you love so dearly.



How can you deepen your prayer life for the people and place you are called to reach? Make specific commitments – when and how are you going to pray?



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