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healing in the jailWe heard this news from a missional community that reaches out to serve a local jail, in both practical and spiritual ways. The leaders are very humble, seemingly ‘everyday’ people – in fact, just the sort Jesus loves to use in power to extend the Father’s Kingdom! They wrote to Hannah recently to give her this update:

Hi Hannah,

Healing In The Jail

We just wanted to let you know that one of the inmates that we were praying for at the jail received healing. We were at the first chapel service last Sunday, and the lady asked to give a testimony.

The inmate told everyone at the service that she had injured her ankle on some stairs at the jail. She also had a small lump that concerned her. She had decided to ask Jesus to bring healing, as she had heard about this happening from the members of the missional community. One evening she had finished praying her nightly prayers and was laying on her top bunk, ready for sleep. Suddenly she felt a wave of warmth pass over her body, and then a few seconds later there was another wave of warmth. Both of them felt like an electric current going through her body, but in a way that was very peaceful and so she quickly fell asleep. The next day there was no pain in the ankle and the lump was gone!!

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The inmate said she felt God would want her to tell others in the jail about what happened. Unsurprisingly, her story made quite an impact on the other women present. One of them, who battles with being alcoholic, came up for prayer and deliverance from alcoholism, and so we wait eagerly to see Jesus does in her life!

We are grateful for the prayers offered from the church — and so amazed that Jesus allows us to be a small part of what He is doing amongst these vulnerable and marginalized women.

As missional people, everywhere we go we have the privilege of inviting people to encounter more of the love of God and the fulness of His Kingdom. Missional living is so much fun it should be illegal!

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Where in your place of mission can you stir faith for Jesus to bring healing?

Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and experiences – please make sure you bring lots of grace into what you write, this is a sensitive topic upon which we won’t all agree!

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