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discipleship that fits

This is more personal message than usual – to ask for your support in the launch of my new book!

Discipleship That Fits focuses on helping people understand the five different Contexts where God disciples us, and calls us to disciple others.

Co-written with Bobby Harrington, the book will help you understand not only the size and dynamics of each Context, but also what each does well (and not so well). This reshaping of expectations will enable you to invest more effectively into others.

For instance, the crowds on Sunday morning lend themselves to some very pointed preaching, coupled with the wonderful inspiration of worshipping with hundreds of others, but tend to fall short at being an environment where we share our private thoughts and feelings.

Joseph Myers, author of The Search to Belong (which was a huge influence on my thinking), wrote in his review:

Absalom and Harrington have written a “Velveteen Rabbit” story. Beginning with a communication theory and leaning on the structure of how people belong, Discipleship That Fits makes it all real. Developing a praxis of discipleship that brings the best thought of how people actually communicate, belong, and grow is genius! This book will bring your discipleship program to life.

Respected author Alan Hirsch, and founder of Future Travelers and 100Movements, said:

This book by my friends Alex and Bob is a winner! I have personally witnessed the impact of the ideas that are so well articulated in the pages of this book. Biblically substantial and rich in practical suggestions, Discipleship that Fits is a very welcome addition to the growing writings on the essential area of discipleship.

Michael Cassidy, founder of African Enterprise, and Honorary Chair of the Lausanne Movement, said:

Most Christian pastors, leaders and evangelists acknowledge that effective discipleship is the major weak link in the modern Church’s life. That’s why all should be deeply thankful for this very practical and helpful volume in the five key relationships on which effective discipleship is built. I am thankful for what Alex Absalom and Bobby Harrington have here given the Church and I commend their very fine contribution with all my heart.


Three Things You Can Do

  1. Please would you spread the word on social media? Think about how often you take note of what your friends or those you admire recommend! I think a personal recommendation from you would be powerful!
    I have written some sample posts below, along with a link (to Amazon), to use/ adapt if you would find that helpful.
  2. I would love you to buy the book — this link is to the Amazon page! I genuinely think you will enjoy and benefit from it – and it will be an excellent read for the leadership team of which you a part. There are both paper and ebook versions.
  3.  Would you write a review? Even just a one or two sentences and (hopefully high!) stars on Amazon really makes a difference to potential buyers. If you blog, then a review on there would also be excellent – if you need some specific graphics that you can’t easily source, please let me know, and let me know when you post and I will promote it too.

Finally, do let me know what you think of the book – I’d love to interact with you about it!

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Sample social media posts:

Excited to read Discipleship That Fits by @alexabsalom  Fascinating, Biblical, easy to apply today!

Check out new book Discipleship That Fits by @alexabsalom  This will supercharge your disciple-making!

See how disciple-making, the Bible & sociology come together in Discipleship That Fits  by @alexabsalom

Invest effectively into others in each size of gathering: read Discipleship That Fits by @alexabsalom 


I’m looking forward to reading Alex Absalom and Bobby Harrington’s new book Discipleship That Fits – all about how God disciples us in 5 distinct contexts, and that becomes the model for how we are to disciple others. Check it out at 

If you want to develop your disciple-making skills, check out Alex Absalom and Bobby Harrington’s new book Discipleship That Fits –  . This is game-changing stuff for your leadership!

I love the tremendous mix of sociology, Bible and tons of practical insight in Discipleship That Fits, the new book by Alex Absalom and Bobby Harrington — . This will transform your expectations of how God shapes us in different sizes of gathering – really important insights here.

+ here’s an image you can share:

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Please feel free to use the comment section below to share any questions or feedback about Discipleship That Fits!

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