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building bridges into spiritual conversationsHannah and I have been reflecting on how to build bridges into spiritual conversations, since this is such a critical skill for anyone living on mission.

Some of you will have been schooled in theology, perhaps through the use of a particular theological model for sharing. Others of you will be more versed in hanging out with friends outside of the church, socializing and enjoying one another’s company. But the uniting feature of both approaches is that little attention is given to the mechanics of actually starting conversations.

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In this first post on the topic, we’re simply going to look at how to lay a relational foundation with your friends, by learning how to listen well and to ask great questions. It might feel like Captain Obvious is visiting, but it is surprising how many Christians are stuck on how to actually start out.

This video will give you your first steps and goals that will lay the groundwork for explicit spiritual conversations (more on that in another video!).


What has helped you to focus on listening well and asking great questions?

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