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  • Would you like to be more effective in developing spiritual conversations?
  • Do you find yourself less than successful in talking about Jesus without making clumsy transitions?
  • How might you position yourself to flexibly respond to every situation?

In this video I share two attitudes that I have taken on – and they have transformed my ability to have spiritual conversations!

At first it might be a discipline to think like this, but pretty quickly your mindset will shift, because I believe that these are Kingdom attitudes. After all, dualism (dividing the world into the spiritual and the secular) is not a Biblical principle!

As you move in this direction, conversations will start to open up for you, as you posture yourself to see everything, everyone, and every conversation as spiritual, and where you have the potential to point to Jesus. By modeling a gracious spiritual presence, where you are humbly confident in your identity as a Christian, there will be opportunities that ‘secret agent’ believers (who never let anyone outside of church know that they follow Jesus!) will never see.

Make sure that you are not being held back from reaching those around you by missing out on these two values that all effective missionaries share.

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Are there any other attitudes that you have taken on which have helped you develop spiritual conversations?

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