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Your home is a gift from God. It serves as a place of rest, security, and renewal, where family can relax and friends can be welcomed.

Whether you live in suburban comfort, urban noise or rural idyll, it is easy to think of your home purely as somewhere to which we retreat. Yet, it is also a place where we can live on mission. Here’s how:

Home And Mission

Your home is a base of operations, an outpost for the Kingdom of God, from which you both go out and also invite others in. However modest, whether or not it is owned or rented, your home is under your spiritual authority. In other words, you have the authority from Jesus to set the spiritual climate in that place.

homeWouldn’t you love neighbors and friends to walk in and feel embraced by a wonderful sense of peace, joy and love – without you saying a word? That is what happens when you have prayed through the place and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal the heart of the Father to all who enter. Many won’t have language to express this, but we have seen this happen countless times over the years of our marriage, in each place where we have lived as a family.

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The gift of hospitality is a vital piece of equipping from God, since it is a so disarming and subversive against the prevalent cultural norms. In a world of greed, competition and transactions, through Jesus we can simply say, “Come and be with us here!”

In the future I’ll talk more about some of the details of hospitality, but for today I want to communicate the big picture: that your home is a spiritual resource from God that is a major asset for advancing the Kingdom of God amongst those to whom He has called you.


What has helped you see your home more as a place of missional life?

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