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There is a simple question – “Can I pray for you?” – which has opened up more spiritual conversations than anything else I’ve ever consistently said or done.

In this short video, you can learn the power of simply asking, “Can I pray for you?” when you are with friends, colleagues, neighbors and family who don’t yet know Jesus.

These words will:

  • Transform your friend (as they encounter God’s presence and power)
  • Relax you (as the pressure is no longer on you to have all the answers!)
  • Represent Jesus faithfully (since He sends us out to demonstrate and declare the presence of the Kingdom of God in the everyday lives of those we encounter)
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Can I pray for youTo be honest, Hannah and I stumbled into all this.

We had discovered the significance of Jesus’ teaching about the Person of Peace (in Luke 10), but began to hit another issue: what do we do once we’ve discovered our Person of Peace? What are we to say when they share about an issue in life, and we want to offer something more purposeful than simply my clever ideas?

We read around and realized that this was a common problem – with few simple practical solutions offered.

So we began to look afresh at how Jesus interacted with those who came to Him, seeking help. Again and again, He asked something along the lines of, “What can I do for you?” With Him being a known healer and spiritual man, in a culture that was 100% aware of spiritual realities, this was a great question. For us in 21st Century cynical America (and certainly without the spiritual reputation of Christ!), we tweaked the words into something that gave a clearer spiritual focus: “Can I pray for you?”

As we have played with this concept for many years now, we have found that they work in almost any situation, conversation and relationship.


What responses have you experienced when you’ve offered to pray with friends who aren’t yet Christians?

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