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  • missional community definitionAre you intrigued by the idea of missional communities, but puzzled by what it exactly means?
  • Are you experimenting with living like missionaries, but are not quite sure what should be your yardstick?
  • Are you wanting to help lead others into a more missional lifestyle, and would like a simple, robust yet highly transferable framework to share?

Hannah and I have been living and leading missional communities on-the-ground for many years, and out of that current and past experience we would define a missional community in these ways…

A Missional Community Definition In A Sentence:

A missional community is an extended family of relationships, centered around Jesus, who go and make disciples amongst a specific group of people

A Missional Community Definition In 3 Words:

COMMUNITY – authentic community occurs, so people can belong before they believe, and will experience an extended family atmosphere

MISSION – there is a common mission to a specific group of people (this is a ‘who’, not a ‘what’)

PRACTICE – everyone gets to contribute in every area

A Missional Community Definition In Bullet Points:

  • A group of 20 to 50+ people (these numbers include both adults and children)
  • The group’s focus is defined by a mission vision to a specific neighborhood or network of relationships
  • It is a disciple-making culture
  • There is an expectation of multiplication from day 1 — thus team is built, and everyone gets to contribute
  • The group does a healthy mixture of Up, In and Out
    Up = Creative worship + “Fresh bread”
    In = Eating + “Oneanothering”
    Out = Demonstrating the works of Jesus (as we serve, and as we are ‘Naturally Supernatural’) + Declaring the words of Jesus
  • Small groups will naturally form as sub-sets of missional communities, particularly as we do oneanothering properly

How We Use These Definitions

We use this language as:

  • An explanation of how we understand missional communities
  • A basis for how we initially train our leaders
  • A structure for accountability for leaders
  • A diagnostic tool when groups or leaders hit problems


What is your template for your missional community gatherings?

Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and experiences.

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