• Do certain faith journeys excuse us from being focused on mission?
  • How do I honor my spiritual heritage without being help captive by it?
  • Can someone with little or no Christian heritage still be used by Jesus?

For both of us, our faith journeys deeply shape and impact our passion to go with the good news of Jesus today.

While our stories are quite different, they have produced a similar result. We are both deeply committed to helping as many people as possible encounter the reality of the love of God for them, and see the eternity shaping difference that Jesus can make to anyone’s life today.

Hannah was raised in a home that was deeply committed to Christ, and with a significant Christian heritage running back more than 200 years. Alex grew up in a very different spiritual climate, but which left him with a profound awareness of the urgency of evangelism – which is worth the sacrifice of time and energy, love and prayer, that comes with being a fruitful witness.

In this video, we share a few highlights of our journey – and Hannah introduces us to her redoubtable early 19th Century ancestor Elizabeth Fry!



(1)  How does your faith journey impact your passion to live as a missionary today?

(2)  What are you most grateful for in your own faith journey?

(3)  What is the best thing that God has done in your faith journey to shape you as a disciple-maker?




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