• How do we apply a prophecy?
  • What might be some of our options in application?
  • Is there a personal discipline I can learn to become better at this?

To celebrate the launch of our book Hearing the Voice of God, in this post we share with you 5 ways that we use to apply prophetic words.
This list will give you some essential handholds in application. The goal here is to stop just automatically assuming we know what to do! For instance, just because Jesus is speaking to you, that doesn’t mean you are meant to do anything more than listen and pray.  

Check out this video for our 5 ways to apply prophecy!


  • When you receive a prophecy, ask God the question, ‘Why have You revealed this thing to me?’
  • Stop and pause: choose to become intentional about not automatically blurting out what you sense from God!


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