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Building Bridges Into Spiritual Conversations

Hannah and I have been reflecting on how to build bridges into spiritual conversations, since this is such a critical skill for anyone living on mission. Some of you will have been schooled in theology, perhaps through the use of a particular theological model for...

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20 Mistakes Made By Missional Communities With Kids

Danielle has led or coached a number of missional communities with kids. Their current group, with a mix of couples and single moms, has an equal number of kids and adults, ranging in age from 4 to 68! Their group is very fruitful, in terms of local impact, drawing in...

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Long Beach All City Marriage Conference

Do you want to hear how Hannah and I met (well, my version at least!)? If so, check out the opening to this short video (scroll down) we shot to advertise the Long Beach All City Marriage Conference! Hannah and I are the speakers, and we'll be focusing on how to make...

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Launching Missional Communities In Practice

How do you begin launching missional communities in practice? Can this be done through our already existing relational networks? What intentional focus will give us the greatest return? Is there a way of doing this that builds our life together — our extended family...

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Book Launch of Discipleship That Fits!

This is more personal message than usual - to ask for your support in the launch of my new book! Discipleship That Fits focuses on helping people understand the five different Contexts where God disciples us, and calls us to disciple others. Co-written with Bobby...

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Start With The End In Mind

What is your goal in developing and growing the church? Hopefully your answer is framed around glorifying God by making disciples who love Jesus, and can go and make other disciples while living in authentic Christian community. In Discipleship That Fits - the brand...

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The 5 Contexts Of Discipleship — Infographic

There are 5 Contexts, or physical spaces, through which God disciples us. By identifying and understanding these 5 Contexts of Discipleship, we are better able to disciple others and to be discipled ourselves. In particular, this is about setting expectations for...

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How To Become ‘One Of’ Your Place Of Mission

Elementary Mission When our eldest son, Joel, was about to start elementary school, Hannah and I lived in a city in England where we could choose between different schools. We wanted him to go to the nearest one — within walking distance of our home — but many people...

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Healing In The Jail

We heard this news from a missional community that reaches out to serve a local jail, in both practical and spiritual ways. The leaders are very humble, seemingly 'everyday' people - in fact, just the sort Jesus loves to use in power to extend the Father's Kingdom!...

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Redeeming Sex – Book Review

So if the hot social issue of the day is gay marriage, how do we as missionaries respond? Some of us will have family, neighbors and colleagues who either struggle with same sex attraction, or perhaps even strongly advocate in favor of homosexual marriage, and so...

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The 10 Life-Giving Laws of a Missional Church!

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