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Discipleship Practices For Missional Churches

Do you struggle to follow Jesus in the day-to-day of life? Do you find yourself ebbing and flowing in your discipleship journey? Do you recognize that everyday events, emotions, stresses and strains seem to unduly impact your level of commitment to Christ? If you...

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Planting The Missional Resource Center

Hannah and I share a dream: we love to resource leaders, churches, networks and denominations to become more intentional in their disciple making, more effective in living missionally, and more Spirit empowered in hearing and obeying the voice of Jesus. With this in...

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Pick The Cover For My New Book!

My New Book! Discipleship That Fits — my new book, co-authored with Bobby Harrington — will be published in February 2016 by Zondervan! Subtitled 'The Five Kinds Of Relationships God Uses To Help Us Grow', the book looks at the 5 Contexts, or 5 sizes of gathering, or...

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FREE Webinars: Missional Communities Made Simple!

Would you like some practical coaching on preparing for, launching, and developing your missional community? Do you know someone who could jump into missional community leadership, if given some help and direction? Are you keen for you and your leaders to learn from...

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Pride Definition: How Humility Changes Everything

Pride Definition: Arrogant pride - the definition being where someone holds an unduly high opinion of their qualities and opinions - is all around us (but clearly is never seen in me!) If we are to live successfully as missionaries and disciple makers, we need to weed...

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My Dog’s Guide To Discipleship And Obedience

Meet Molly! She is our 2 years old chocolate labrador. Molly's world is centered on a busy, noisy family - Hannah and myself, our 3 teenage sons, an assorted range of their pimply friends, increasing numbers of well-groomed long-haired girls, along with neighbors,...

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Oikos Church

In Greek and Roman society, everyone was part of an oikos. Headed by the senior citizen, your oikos (a Greek word that means 'household') included your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, slaves, and business associates (since most business and trade took place out...

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10 Things To Do In A Missional Community

What are the key elements to include at a missional community gathering? How can we do them in a way that has both spiritual substance and also engages our unchurched friends who are there?  How much flexibility is there? Missional community life is not meant to be a...

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Teens on Mission

Do you want to see your students engage with mission? Have you found a creative way to bring practical mission to life? Would you love to see a greater level of disciple making go on amongst your teens? Teens On Mission Our student team were wanting to challenge our...

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3 Steps Towards A Culture Of Innovation

Is your team around you constantly come up with new ideas? Do fresh opportunities bubble up and flow forth in many of your conversations? Are you often reminding your team that this is a marathon, not a sprint? Or, alternatively, are you frustrated at the lack of...

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The 10 Life-Giving Laws of a Missional Church!

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