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WhAT we offer...

“The Stranger Things” – A Naturally Supernatural Coaching Cohort

  • Learn from our combined 50+ years of experience in leading in the power of the Spirit, in ways that are Biblical, pastorally wise, and fruit bearing!
  • Online Coaching Cohort – small group size, 1 hour once a month, plan for 6+ months although you can stop at any point. Cohorts start in August.
  • We also have an option for a double-pace Cohort, which will meet twice a month to gain quicker traction.
  • Price is $79 per month (or $70 per person for 2 or more from the same church)

God is at work in our nation today, stirring hearts to hunger for authentic experiences of the Spirit’s power, while remaining deeply shaped by Scripture!

We (Hannah and Alex) combine being both rooted in God’s word and also intentionally dependent upon the power and authority that the Holy Spirit releases. If, like us, you want to form disciple-making disciples of Jesus who know how to live on mission, then cleaving together the Word and the Spirit in this way is essential!

Yet for many of us, the empowering and gifts of the Spirit are clothed in unfathomable mystery, even confusion – and we’re not quite sure where to start…
->  Perhaps you have rarely seen these things modeled in a healthy way
->  Maybe you have come from a theological tradition where the supernatural gifts were said not to be in operation today
->  Possibly you have not been shown Biblically wise and pastorally sound practices that equip others to operate in the supernatural to good effect

In this Coaching Cohort, Alex and Hannah will facilitate sound teaching, honest conversation,
practical next steps
, and homework exercises (with follow-up accountability!)


  • An overview of a Biblical theological framework for the ministry of the Spirit and the use of the Gifts today
  • How to train and build a prayer ministry team
  • How to focus on character and fruit over anointing and gifts
  • What it means to be filled with the Spirit
  • How to pray for the sick and create a culture where healings are not unusual
  • How to hear God’s voice
  • Introduction to prophecy
  • Words of knowledge and words of wisdom
  • Deliverance ministry
  • Intermediate prophecy
  • Advanced prophecy
  • Tongues
  • Miracles
  • How this all relates to living on mission
    + lots of space for you to ask questions and process your experiences!

The goal throughout will be focused on helping you experience a vibrant ministry of the Spirit, so that the Gifts and work of the Spirit can be accessed on a daily basis by the ‘average’ person wherever they spend their lives on mission.


* To gain the most from the Cohort, you are committing to be on the monthly coaching call, to engage positively with us and your other group members, and to do your homework! 
* While you are free to cancel at any point (just let us know, we understand that things change), we recommend that you plan on being in the Cohort for at least 6 months, so that you start to see the benefit of the different teachings and have time to apply them. The group itself will be open-ended, as there is so much material to cover, but there will be certain natural breaks during the year where we will make it easy for people to step out of the group without feeling awkward! 

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Individual Coaching

  • Direct, personal coaching with Alex Absalom or Hannah Absalom
  • Meeting on an agreed schedule, through video conferencing or on the phone
  • Price set by mutual agreement, based upon the frequency and quantity of coaching that you are looking for

If you would welcome a season of in-depth personal investment in you and your leadership, Dandelion’s individual coaching packages are for you.

Along with your completion of our coaching preparation form, we will use our initial session to talk through an overview of your current situation, and where you are most wanting to grow. We will then agree a boutique coaching package for you, that will provide a healthy structure for our interactions.


– How to build a disciple-making culture
– How to create a more missional mindset in your church members
– Starting and growing Missional Communities
– Church planter coaching
– Creating a leadership pipeline
– Developing the gifts of the Spirit

QUESTIONS?  Use the form below to let us know the area where we could advance you and your leadership!


Coaching Cohort for Pastor’s Wives

  • Come, join this group of women who will encourage and champion each other to be all that Jesus has called us to be!
  • 1 hour video call with up to 6 women, once a month for 6 months+ (although you can stop at any time)
  • Probably a mid-week evening to maximize participation (we can set the exact times according to time zones and people’s schedules)
  • $50 per month   

Many pastor’s wives feel isolated and have little genuine support network within their local context. This Cohort aims to be just that for you, with other like-minded women who all understand the joys and pressures of life in ministry.

Under the leadership of Hannah, this group will not only offer support, discussion and prayer, but will also seek to spur you on to achieve the fullness of all that Christ has made you to be. This group is for every pastor’s wife – whether you work outside of the home, you’re a full-time Mom, or whatever your situation happens to be.


  • How to not give in to the pressures put upon you by church members, yourself or your spouse.
  • How to fully discover, embrace and step into your God-given calling.
  • How to make time for renewal and self-care.
  • How to be the best support to your husband (without becoming a doormat!).
  • How to raise your kids to be rounded, fun and ‘on fire for Jesus’ adults.

Paying for this: We realize that most churches won’t have a budget to invest in and support the wives of their pastors. However, we want to encourage you to boldly ask your church (whether directly or via your husband) for this support, because a healthy pastor’s wife, and therefore marriage, pays colossal dividends in the overall health of the church. So don’t be shy in seeking funding!

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Preaching and Teaching at Conferences, Events and Church Gatherings

  • Whether you’re looking for inspirational preaching, thorough teaching, interactive seminars, or even video trainings, we can provide high-quality input delivered in engaging and response-driven ways

Alex and Hannah have spoken at an incredible variety of conferences, churches and events, on a huge range of topics and passages of Sripture. Blending a unique mix of a deep regard for Scripture, theological clarity, practical application, engaging humor, and wrapped in charming English accents(!), let either or both of us serve you and your church/ event. 

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Church Consulting

  • Invest in a fully customized consultation process, shaped around you, your leadership team, and your church’s specific needs
  • Utilizing a mixture of on-site visits, video conferencing with your team, and open-access phone calls between the senior leader and Alex Absalom

Would you like your church to grow into her calling as a disciple-making community? Do you long to see the move into missional communities take place in a way that is healthy, sustainable and reproducible? How might your church family experience more of the present-day empowering of the Holy Spirit, through training and modeling that is born out of much experience, solid Biblical theology, and a low-hype manner?

If any of these areas are high on your prayer list for your church, then having an experienced church consultant walk alongside you in this next season could be a hugely significant next step.

I have worked with many churches and leaders, and would love to hear your story, and your hopes for what might be next in the story of what Jesus is doing through you. Together we can then talk through different options, coming up with a mutually agreed process, specific goals, and tangible next steps that will help birth the vision that you have.

This is about setting the direction for your church not just for the next year, but laying foundations that will carry you into the next decade. This is an investment too important to ignore!

Your initial conversations with me come at no cost, as we decide together whether this is a partnership that God wants to make. Out of that I will write a formal consultation proposal, which is ideal to share with your church leadership/ elders/ board etc. References are also available upon request.

Let us help you become the Holy Spirit-empowered

missional disciple-maker

that deep down you know

you are called by Jesus to become!


The 10 Life-Giving Laws of a Missional Church!

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