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Naturally Supernatural Coaching Cohort

  • Direct, personal coaching with Alex Absalom, Hannah Absalom or a team member
  • Meeting on an agreed schedule, through video conferencing or on the phone

It is clear that in our day God is bringing together different streams that have often flowed separately in local churches. One of those is being deeply founded on Scripture, being highly effective at living on mission, and also having a vibrant ministry in the Spirit, integrating the gifts of the Spirit in a way that is thoughtful and contemplative. We are passionate about these things, and want to train you to be effective in moving in these ways of the Spirit, in ways that are honoring of your church tradition, and whatever your ministry context they will make what you do more dynamic. We aim to answer some the questions that those you lead might have about the weirdness around spiritual gifts, so that they can be demystified so that they can be accessible on a daily basis to the average person wherever they spend their lives on mission. 

Individual Coaching

  • Direct, personal coaching with Alex Absalom, Hannah Absalom or a team member
  • Meeting on an agreed schedule, through video conferencing or on the phone

If you would welcome a season of in-depth personal investment in you and your leadership, Dandelion’s individual coaching packages are for you.

Along with your completion of our coaching preparation form, we will use our initial session to talk through an overview of your current situation, and where you are most wanting to grow. We will then agree a boutique coaching package for you, that will provide a healthy structure for our interactions.

Church Consulting

  • Invest in a fully customized consultation process, shaped around you, your leadership team, and your church’s specific needs
  • Utilizing a mixture of on-site visits, video conferencing with your team, and open-access phone calls between the senior leader and Alex Absalom

Would you like your church to grow into her calling as a disciple-making community? Do you long to see the move into missional communities take place in a way that is healthy, sustainable and reproducible? How might your church family experience more of the present-day empowering of the Holy Spirit, through training and modeling that is born out of much experience, solid Biblical theology, and a low-hype manner?

If any of these areas are high on your prayer list for your church, then having an experienced church consultant walk alongside you in this next season could be a hugely significant next step.

I have worked with many churches and leaders, and would love to hear your story, and your hopes for what might be next in the story of what Jesus is doing through you. Together we can then talk through different options, coming up with a mutually agreed process, specific goals, and tangible next steps that will help birth the vision that you have.

This is about setting the direction for your church not just for the next year, but laying foundations that will carry you into the next decade. This is an investment too important to ignore!

Your initial conversations with me come at no cost, as we decide together whether this is a partnership that God wants to make. Out of that I will write a formal consultation proposal, which is ideal to share with your church leadership/ elders/ board etc. References are also available upon request.

Pricing, Discounts, and Profit Sharing

The cost of these different services vary, primarily being dependent upon the level of time commitment and customization for which you are looking. Whenever we are discussing specific options, numbers are understandably part of the discernment process for you, so feel free to ask away!

We also have the ability to make discounts available to those with limited means, such as church planters or those serving in impoverished communities.

At Dandelion we give away a portion of our income to our AMAZING partner organization Oikos Peru! Through church planting and training indigenous leaders, both in Lima’s shanty towns and the Amazonian rain forest, they are fully committed to building disciple-making cultures that produce reproducing communities of faith amongst some of the world’s poorest people.

Let us help you become the Holy Spirit-empowered

missional disciple-maker

that deep down you know

you are called by Jesus to become!


The 10 Life-Giving Laws of a Missional Church!

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