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Meet Alex and Hannah Absalom!


Originally from England, we grew up in a nation that was rapidly becoming post-Christian.

As young church planters in London, and then as pastors in the northern industrial city of Sheffield, we learned many significant lessons about how to go and make disciples in the power of the Spirit in a post-Christian culture.

Called as missionaries to America in 2007, we, along with our three sons, have served in churches in Oklahoma City, NE Ohio, and Long Beach CA. Our boys are now teens/ young adults, and all of them are walking passionately with Jesus as disciple-makers in their own right – for which we give so much thanks to God.

From our days in Europe onwards, we have been privileged to coach, teach and equip large numbers of churches and leaders. In particular, we focus on three areas, equipping people to be:

  • Disciple-Makers – Starting with a counter-cultural understanding of the nature of discipleship, we will train and equip you with Biblical principles, multipliable values and practical tools to custom build a disciple-making culture in your local context.

  • On Mission – Most Christians in practice don’t share their faith at all, or if they do so, it’s in relationally destructive ways. We can show you how to reverse that downward spiral, and build a community of Christians who are at ease being witnesses for Jesus wherever God sends them.

  • Naturally Supernatural – The Western church is the best educated in history – and yet perhaps the least fruitful for the Kingdom. One of the reasons is our fear of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We will share with you Biblical teaching, faith building stories, and proven practices that will allow the beautiful ministry of the Spirit to add greater spiritual power and authority to your church’s ministry.

At a local level we have personally crafted effective disciple-making and leadership pipelines, overseen the starting of over 110 mid-sized missional communities, and empowered numerous individuals with Biblical teaching and practices that enable them to operate in the power of the Spirit wherever they live, work and play.

At a trans-local level we have spoken to thousands of leaders from an incredibly diverse spectrum of backgrounds, contexts, and denominations, both in local churches and at conferences and through training resources.

In August 2018 our family planted The Dandelion Project, a multiplying network of Home Churches who seek to reveal God’s Kingdom wherever people live, work and play. We are already seeing the unchurched drawn into Jesus centered community, and we are actively planning for multiplication and the formation of a new network to take place. We will be sharing stories, teaching and lessons from this new expression of church life via our video blog, starting in November 2018.

We would love to work with you at whatever level is most helpful to you! Please do let us know how we can serve your vision to grow as a Spirit-empowered disciple-maker who goes with the Good News of Jesus!


Alex and Hannah

Alex is not only a good friend, he is an outstanding practitioner of ideas that are central to developing missional movements. He is particularly good at designing discipling systems, developing high impact missional communities, learning how to follow the Spirit on a daily basis, and is leading with an APEST understanding of ministry. I expect to be working with Alex for many years to come.


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