• What does it mean to be focused on discipling and apprenticing leaders?
  • Who should I pick?
  • What do I do?

Jesus calls us to become not only His disciples, but also disciple-makers of others. We are to show others how to become more like Him.

But for many, that is a hugely intimidating proposition. We are held back by wondering what we should do, how we should do it, what the rules are, and how to find the ‘right’ syllabus. 

By contrast, we would suggest that the key building block in apprenticeship is not information, but rather a relationship that can be imitated.

You are called to be busy discipling and apprenticing leaders who can follow in your footsteps, and potentially going further than you ever could. That is what it means to be a disciple-maker.

In this video, Hannah and Alex share some of the principles and practices that will enable YOU to become an effective and fruitful disciple-maker.


Pray and ask God who He is asking you to apprentice right now.

Who is going to hold you accountable for following through on this decision?


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