• Are you committed to going and making disciples, but worry about the impact on your household budget?
  • Do you have opportunities to extend the Kingdom, but can’t work out how to fit them into your schedule?
  • Have you ever wondered how to live with greater generosity when resources are still restricted?

In this video, Hannah and Alex share from their battles of choosing not to operate from a spirit of poverty or of fear – and instead how they practically seek to live with generosity, even when money and/or time are in short supply. The goal is to find the intersection of generosity and wisdom – where it all belongs to God, while you are not foolishly operating with no boundaries!

Even if this is not your current situation, you’ll be able to use the content here to disciple others as they face these potential constraints. (CLICK PHOTO ABOVE to watch the video on YouTube!)


As you think about your money and time…

  1. Where do you need to exercise more generosity?
  2. Where do you need to exercise more wisdom?

Post below …
EITHER your response, OR a great practical tip that will help others!


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