Fasting is something that Christians have practiced for 2,000 years… albeit less so in the West in the past century! However, the Lord is again stirring up His people to re-engage with this tool, not in a legalistic way, but rather as one helpful pathway to encounter more of God and His life in us.

In this video we share 7 reasons to fast – think of these as a wonderful mixture of the benefits and the possible goals for a time of fasting. Along the way we also throw in a few practical tips.

The key thing is this: the reason we choose to entertain a short period of hunger is in order to remind us to find our desires more deeply met in Christ. As we step out of our normal rhythm of eating, we are stirred to pursue God more passionately. And it really can become a joyful thing in our lives!


  • What is Jesus saying to you about fasting?
  • What is your specific next step? We suggest that you open up your calendar and set a specific day/time on it!
  • Is there someone you want to do this with, or will it be a private thing?


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