Using four highly memorable graphics, ‘One Of’ walks through who Jesus was, and therefore how He operated in mission. Jesus’ example then shapes how we in turn live on mission and form church communities.

‘One Of’ was created to highlight the incarnational aspect of going and making disciples. A lot of teaching focuses on the move out, but without addressing how to contextualize everything we do in a local community.

Put another way, we have to go deep (incarnate into a specific context) as well as broad (living missionally). 

This tool also is a simple way of sharing the Gospel, since it clearly articulates the need to receive Christ as Savior AND also follow Him as Lord. Growing numbers of individuals and churches are using this as a way to train their people to think like missionaries, and then to share their faith with confidence!


1. If you’re already a Christian: Who are you called to be ‘One Of’?
2. If you haven’t yet gone all in for Jesus: Will you pray and commit to Jesus as both Savior from your sins and also Lord of all parts of your life? Warning: this will mean that He can and will send you to represent Him!


Why not pick up our FREE ebook One Of, which Alex wrote with co-creator Greg Nettle? It will walk you through the ‘One Of’ teaching in more depth, giving you stories and illustrations, and also suggesting more ways to apply it into your life and ministry. To download, simply jump to our Resources tab.


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