We have just returned from spending time in Lima, Peru with our close friends Mark and Anna Burgess. Along with their 3 elementary aged sons, they have been missionaries in Peru for over a decade – forming disciple-making disciples of Jesus in nearby shanty town, the local community where they live, and amongst several Amazon rain forest tribes! 

They are doing an amazing and faithful work – truly, it is naturally supernatural, missional disciple-making, with the focus on long-term indigenous Kingdom leaders being raised up.

One of their great qualities is their faith, which we have witnessed them exercise in many ways over the years. In this interview, we sat down (in what turned out to be a not-so-quiet park in Lima!) to ask them about how to build a giant-killing faith. 

The six main questions and topics we covered were:

1.  How do you demonstrate faith when you operate in the power of the Holy Spirit?

2.  How have you had faith to raise up unlikely team?

3.  How do you keep your faith high and persevere when you’re in a slow season?

4.  How do you exercise faith in trusting God for finance and provision?

5.  How do you exercise faith when you’re investing in the next generation?

6.  How do you build faith to see salvations?

You will find this a practical, Biblical and inspiring conversation, which will spur you on in faith (like it did us)!


Don’t forget to take a few minutes to prayerfully consider the homework question from this video:

  • In which of these 6 areas is the Spirit challenging you to step out in faith in the next 3-6 months?
And if you would like to find out more about Anna and Mark’s ministry, please click here – and if you are moved to donate something to support their ministry, there are also giving options listed. This is very worthwhile giving opportunity either for you personally, or for your church family!

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