We love to join Jesus in healing the sick! It is such a joy to watch people being set free from conditions big and small, and it is also a fabulous way to demonstrate to a watching world that Jesus truly is worth following wholeheartedly. 

During this coronavirus outbreak, people are more attuned than ever to their health. Even if they don’t have the virus, they will be thinking and talking about whatever conditions may ail them. 

With that in mind, anyone who is a disciple of Jesus needs to know how to pray for supernatural healing for their sick neighbors. In this video, we will show you a simple model for doing this, including giving you specific examples of things that you might say. 

Don’t forget: you can’t control whether or not your neighbor is healed (although you should seek to be full of faith for that), but you CAN control whether they feel loved by the Father through both your words and your tone. Transforming encounters with the love of God are perhaps the richest blessing in the universe!

While we’re on a global pause…

…now is the perfect time to develop your life and ministry skills! Over the next few weeks let us invest into you – and your team – through these pathways:


  • INDIVIDUAL/ TEAM COACHING – Whether for a single session, or something more ongoing, let us know the area that you are seeking to grow in by clicking here.
  • OPEN GROUP COACHING – Dig into topics like sharing our faith in times of crisis, starting a simple missional community, hearing the voice of God, or healing the sick. Groups of up to 12 screens (so you can easily ask questions and interact), sessions throughout March and April, only pay a small fee each time. Check latest dates and titles on the Dandelion Facebook page, or subscribe to our email updates at the bottom of this page.
  • NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL COACHING COHORT – Join us on a 12 month journey which has proven transformative for current participants – find out more here.


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