We believe that the coronavirus is not just a health and governmental issue, but also a spiritual one.

As Christians, we recognize that satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy as many people as possible, and that sickness is one of his weapons. And even if most will survive this pandemic, the vast majority of people have been impacted by his strategy of sowing fear of lack (alongside fear of sickness or death).

One of your strategies in response is to prayer walk your neighborhood (or place of mission), as a form of offensive spiritual warfare. This video coaches you in just how to do this, with a fresh intro that directly speaks to prayerfully fighting coronavirus in your context.

Some friends of ours at Colonial ParK UMC in Memphis TN produced a great little card for training families in prayer walking – here is their content:

While we’re on a global pause…

…now is the perfect time to develop your life and ministry skills! Over the next few weeks let us invest into you – and your team – through these pathways:


  • INDIVIDUAL/ TEAM COACHING – Whether for a single session, or something more ongoing, let us know the area that you are seeking to grow in by clicking here.
  • OPEN GROUP COACHING – Dig into topics like sharing our faith in times of crisis, starting a simple missional community, hearing the voice of God, or healing the sick. Groups of up to 12 screens (so you can easily ask questions and interact), sessions throughout March and April, only pay a small fee each time. Check latest dates and titles on the Dandelion Facebook page, or subscribe to our email updates at the bottom of this page.
  • NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL COACHING COHORT – Join us on a 12 month journey which has proven transformative for current participants – find out more here.


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