Have you noticed how much more spiritually open many of your neighbors are right now?

This is a time of both great challenge – and also enormous opportunity for God’s Kingdom to advance! Believers need simple ideas and actionable tips to make the most of the exceptional spiritual openness.

One of the best ways to begin is through being present for your neighbors. This video walks you through practical training and encouragement to do just that – and to help other Christians feel confident in giving this a go as well!



See why so many pastors and churches are downloading the new resource, Church in Your Street. It will equip you and your church to go with confidence and effectiveness, starting from a place of prayer, and potentially ending up having so many spiritual conversations with lost neighbors that a simple home church forms with ease! 


Click here to jump to the special page to find out more – and to download the free 12 page taster section!


  • Ask God for 1 specific way you can be present for your neighbors this week. If nothing comes to mind, just pick something and do it!


1.  INVITE US TO DO A VIDEO SERMON – If your church is doing online services and teachings, why not invite one or both of us to do that message for you? A number of churches have asked us to do just that (both regular talks and interviews). The video teaching option will give you an experienced outside speaker, at way less than the cost of having a visiting guest speaker in person! If you’re interested, send us an email and we can discuss options!

2.  NEW NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL COHORT – We are forming a new cohort to run on Tuesdays at 2.30pm EST/ 11.30am PST, roughly every other week for 12 months, beginning on Tuesday May 12. Click here to find out more about the Cohort, and how to register!

* If you’re reading this on Monday 4/20 or Tuesday 4/21, we have 1 last spot in our new Naturally Supernatural Coaching Cohort that begins Tuesday at 7.30pm EST (so you need to respond immediately)…


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