There is a science to helping teams gain breakthrough on the emotive topic of, “What are we as a community here for? What would Jesus have us do?” 

Yet the conversation doesn’t just stop at the corporate level. In fact, in many ways it is built at the personal level – where the individual gains crystal clear clarity on their calling.

In this field Will Mancini is perhaps the most sought after leadership consultant, bringing with him years of experience in helping both churches and individuals gain clarity on their calling and vision. He has bags of tools that will help anyone understand their design from God, and which local churches can use to help people uncover what only they can do as God made them to be.

In this fascinating interview, Will shares about his new book Younique: Designing the Life that God Dreamed for You, and offers some profound insights into why so many never really nail this critical question. 

The second half of the conversation moves into Will’s powerful insights into how churches can respond to the changes that coronavirus is forcing upon us.

He describes this present moment as being like Babel – a catalytic mechanism to help the people of God see what they are meant to be about. 

This is a moment of innovation, clarification, and even purging, where our scarcity brings us greater clarity. As Will comments, “Cultural Christianity has taken a hit, but the mission of Jesus has not slowed down in the slightest.”

If you are involved in church leadership in any way, you will for sure want to catch the rest of the insights that Will brings in both these surprisingly related areas. 


1.  Check out Will’s book Younique – Designing the Life that God Dreamed for You.

2.  If you are in church leadership during this time of global crisis, consider what is the innovation, clarification, or purging that Jesus would like to do in your church?


We’ve just finished filming and putting together a 4 week series on Hearing the Voice of God. This resource will be ideal for your summer group study – whether online or in physical groups!

The first churches who are using this material are having incredible responses. Just today one of those leaders emailed us with this feedback from a church member:
“Tonight was very powerful… This class has really helped open up my heart to a better understanding of the difference between my thoughts and God’s voice. Having this clarity has put it on my heart to get baptized…”


  • 4 x 30 minute videos presented by us (Alex and Hannah Absalom), where we give you Biblical, practical, engaging teaching on how to hear God’s voice with more clarity and confidence, and take steps into the prophetic gifts.
  • Handouts that allow participants to follow along, keep track of the teaching, and make extensive and helpful notes. These handouts come fully customizable, so you can add your church branding or local information onto them.
  • Specific activation exercises, so that you can practice and step into these gifts in safe and pastorally wise contexts.
  • Discussion questions that help you unpack the teaching each week.
  • Homework that is deeply practical, and yet challenging, so that you take action steps between sessions to put what you are learning into practice!
  • There is also the option of an additional live Q&A session, where one or both of us will call into your group to interact and (try to!) answer questions that are raised by the course.

In the coming months, we will be releasing similar courses on Healing the Sick, and Becoming a Naturally Supernatural Witness!


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