Long-Term Impact

Shortly before lockdown, we were privileged to spend time in Peru with our close friends Mark and Anna Burgess, along with their 3 elementary aged sons. 

The Burgesses have been missionaries in Peru for over a decade – raising up disciple-making disciples of Jesus in the local community where they live in Lima, in a nearby shanty town, and amongst several Amazon rain forest tribes!

They are doing an amazing and faithful work – truly, it is naturally supernatural, missional disciple-making, with the focus on raising up long-term indigenous Kingdom leaders.

As Anna and Mark are Brits who have moved cross-culturally to live on mission, we wanted to learn more about their experiences – and thus to spot lessons that could apply to us in the West, as we each seek to live on mission and make disciples in the power of the Spirit. 

In this conversation, Mark and Anna share 11 tactics that missionaries use to start making disciples anywhere:

  1.  Identify where Jesus has called you
  2.  Start simply – it’s a journey
  3.  Be willing to lay down your own cultural preferences
  4.  Identify what to challenge in your place of mission
  5.  Find like-minded Christians to pray with
  6.  Look for the spiritually open (People of Peace)
  7.  Actively bring the presence and love of Jesus into your relationships
  8.  Begin to disciple by intentionally and creatively including them in your life
  9.  Set the right measures of success
  10.  Recognize that multiplication takes time
  11.  If you focus on making disciples, salvations and new churches will follow

Action Step

Take a few minutes to prayerfully consider the homework questions from this video:
  • Ask the Lord who you are called to reach in this season
  • Identify your specific next step for forming multiplying disciples


Food Bank for the Destitute

Peru has been in a severe lockdown since early March, due to the threat of Covid-19 to a very fragile healthcare system. For over 80 days, people were only permitted to leave their homes to WALK to buy food or medical care, or go to a very limited number of workplaces. Children were not ever allowed to set foot outside their homes!

This resulted in many of the extremely poor being left destitute – with no income, and in many cases, with no government support. This has been especially true for the many refugees from the chaotic Venezuelan regime, who in normal times work hard, but under lockdown are completely stranded.

In response, the Burgess family led their church (called ‘Oikos’) to start a food bank. With finances from their friends in the US, UK and Australia, they have funded an incredible work. For 10 weeks they have been faithfully feeding (and often praying with) people from their area of Lima where they minister. Some of the stories have been heartbreaking, and of course the needs are so huge.

A couple of stories from recipients of the food and supplies:

I want to tell you how moved I am that God has used you all as an instrument of helping your neighbour, even though I know He will always provide. You have helped support my family with food but even more than that, you have filled our hearts with faith and peace. Thank you. God bless you.

Truly, thank you for this blessing. May God bless you all. My mother started crying when I arrived home because we had nothing left to eat before. Thank you. A thousand ‘thank you’s.

Truly, thank you so much. I am infinitely grateful to you all for this huge help. May God multiple what He is doing.

And another in response to the card of encouragement we send with each food parcel which includes a prayer or Bible verses for the person:

I am hugely thankful for the groceries I received and the card was such a beautiful detail. It filled me with hope and joy. Thank you so much for this beautiful spirituality that I found in the words of the card, full of joy and faith strengthening. Something rose in my spirit when I read these Scriptures. Thank you so much for sharing your love with your neighbor in these words. I will keep not only the physical card but also the words in my heart. Thankful because in my pregnancy, despite all the difficulties I face right now, I received something that made me feel very happy.


How to Help the Lima Food Bank

Please would you consider supporting the food bank financially?

We have been doing so personally, and so has our home church. It is such a worthwhile thing to invest into!

Mark writes: 

“Please know that all money sent goes directly to buying food for families in need as the food bank is manned entirely by volunteers

Over 110 individuals and churches have contributed so far from 4 different continents! Even smaller gifts mean people don’t go hungry! A gift of $38 can feed a family for a week! We are so grateful for what God is doing right now and how it is making a difference in people’s lives.” 

How to Give

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/casadepazus

OR email burgessfamilyinperu [at] hotmail.com for other options (incl to their US bank account)




SUMMER COURSE: Hearing the Voice of God 

We’ve filmed and put together a 4 week video series on Hearing the Voice of God. This resource will be ideal for your summer group study – whether online or in physical groups! It would also work for a 4 week Sunday teaching series

The first churches who are using this material are having incredible responses. Just today one of those leaders emailed us with this feedback from a church member:
“Tonight was very powerful… This class has really helped open up my heart to a better understanding of the difference between my thoughts and God’s voice. Having this clarity has put it on my heart to get baptized…”


  • 4 x 30 minute videos presented by us (Alex and Hannah Absalom), where we give you Biblical, practical, engaging teaching on how to hear God’s voice with more clarity and confidence, and take steps into the prophetic gifts.
  • Handouts that allow participants to follow along, keep track of the teaching, and make extensive and helpful notes. These handouts come fully customizable, so you can add your church branding or local information onto them.
  • Specific activation exercises, so that you can practice and step into these gifts in safe and pastorally wise contexts.
  • Discussion questions that help you unpack the teaching each week.
  • Homework that is deeply practical, and yet challenging, so that you take action steps between sessions to put what you are learning into practice!
  • There is also the option of an additional live Q&A session, where one or both of us will call into your group to interact and (try to!) answer questions that are raised by the course.


The cost of the course ranges from $49 to $199, depending on the size of your church/ gathering. This is incredible value! We even offer a small scholarship fund for those in situations where really you should be in a lower price category. 

To find out more, hit the yellow button below to jump to full info and to purchase!

And in the coming months, we will be releasing similar courses on Healing the Sick, and Becoming a Naturally Supernatural Witness!


The 10 Life-Giving Laws of a Missional Church!

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