What are some practical ways to celebrate Christmas 2020 in this difficult season?

We’ve become so used to things being done for us, but this year is one of opportunity – where we can try new ways of being with our family, our neighbors, and our church community. This is a year where we can go against the regular patterns, and allow the Spirit to birth something new!

In this video Hannah talks with one of the UK’s most creative Christian minds, Liz Lovell, about how you can embrace a quieter Christmas. The video is a fun and engaging fount of ideas on unearthing creativity and meaning using simple, reproducible practices, which will enrich the inner lives of your household and others who join you during the festive season!

Liz Lovell has decades worth of church leadership experience in the UK. She and her husband John are long term friends and former colleagues of Hannah and Alex.

Highlights of the video include:

  • How to celebrate in the midst of angst and loss
  • Why it’s powerful to celebrate Advent as a time where we slow down and wait
  • Using Advent wreaths/ candles, and what they represent
  • As you decorate your home allowing the Lord to speak about what you’re spiritually taking down and putting up
  • Decorating your windows with a message of hope
  • Creatively setting a nativity set at different points of the Christmas season
  • Intentionally using spiritual music in your home
  • Keeping a family bible open to a particular page in a prominent place
  • Inviting neighbors to join you on your front lawn to make Christingles (she explains what they are!), sing carols, have snacks etc
  • PLUS a teaching insight into British royal crowns as a way of focusing on the right things this year!

There are SO MANY good ideas in this half hour – so dive in, take notes, and be inspired!

Don’t forget to share this video with others in your church who would benefit from this content.

Hearing the Voice of God


As we seek to listen to the Lord for how to do Christmas differently this year, you might want to sharpen your own skills in hearing God’s voice.

We have two resources to help you grow in hearing God’s voice:


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  2. The Hearing the Voice of God Course – a 4 week video driven course, along with handouts, leader notes, and everything you need to run this in your group or church family!


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