The coming month presents a remarkable opportunity to draw your lost friends, family, and neighbors closer to Jesus!

While COVID might restrict much of what churches usually do, this in no way stops us sharing the wonderful good news and hope of Jesus in smaller, hyper-localized gatherings. In this video we share 10 ideas for Christmas, and 7 for New Year – any of which can be done by believers wherever they live. 

If you lead a group, ministry, or church, why not share this video with those you lead as inspiration for what each household might do to transform the hopelessness of 2020 into a time of the greatest hope, life, and peace ever!


Here are the big ideas – watch the video for full explanations!


Christmas Ideas

  1. Christmas caroling done in a socially-distanced way
  2. Give a plate of cookies and a hand written card to your neighbors
  3. Hold a 15-20 minute Christmas Eve service on your front lawn
  4. Call your local elementary school to see if there are any disadvantaged families you could bless with gifts
  5. Invite your neighbors to club together financially to support a local ministry that serves the poor
  6. Organize a caravan of cars to view Christmas lights
  7. Hold a White Elephant gift-exchange party a few days after Christmas!
  8. Arrange a Christmas crafting time on your front lawn
  9. Do something practical for a struggling household nearby
  10. Give each household in your home church $25 to spend on something missional


New Year Ideas

  1. Invite neighbors to a New Year’s Eve gathering to release the pain and disappointments of 2020, and to pray for God’s blessing on the New Year 
  2. Gather around a fire pit with neighbors and share what you’re glad to leave behind, and your hopes for 2021
  3. Send neighbors a hand-written card with what you’re praying for them for the New Year
  4. Put up a board for neighbors to write up their hopes for 2021
  5. Host a New Year’s open house on your front lawn
  6. Arrange a virtual New Year’s party with lots of games that work in that medium, and a toast for 2021
  7. Set aside the first days of January to pray and fast for your lost neighbors, and the Kingdom to advance where you live, work, study, and play


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