If you ask most churches what their main purpose is, most will (eventually!) end up saying something about being in existence to make disciples of Jesus.

Which then leads to the obvious question:

What is a disciple?

This matters hugely, since our definition of ‘disciple’ will shape everything that we do as God’s people:

  • If we see being a disciple as focused on keeping a checklist of rules, we will build a culture of legalism.
  • If we think of a disciple as someone who prays a salvation prayer and then simply needs to come along to church services to be fed teaching from the Bible, and perhaps occasionally help out a little or give a bit of money, we will form Christian consumers.
  • If we define a disciple as a person who is generally guided by the non-binding ideals of Jesus so that their true inner self is better expressed, we will create a culturally-accommodating and watered-down faith that bears only a passing resemblance to Biblical Christianity.
  • If we see the task of making disciples as primarily one that is centered on the sharing of information, we will create a culture of pride – since the focus will be on purity of doctrine, rather than obedience of lifestyle. 

In this short video, Alex sets out our understanding of what it means to be a disciple, shows how it is rooted in Scripture, and explains why this is a vital task for any church to do.

To help you, here at Dandelion we define a disciple as someone who hears and obeys Jesus. A disciple is constantly asking, ‘What is Jesus saying?’ and ‘How am I responding?’. 


Next Steps

  1. What for you is your working definition of a disciple?
  2. Is it so simple that a 7 year old could use it easily and regularly?

Discipleship Coaching

If you’re wanting to grow as a disciple-making church, then having an outside voice to guide you through the process can be a game-changer. 

Let us come alongside you with proven tools, processes, stories, experience, accountability, and encouragement. This will help you to speed up the process of not only defining discipleship in your church or ministry, but also in creating a culture of disciple-making that has an effective pathway for growth.

Everything is fully customizable, and the starting price point is surprisingly affordable (with no charge for the initial conversation). We only have limited availability, so don’t delay in contacting us for more information.

To find out more, send us an email describing a little about your current needs and what you’re hoping to achieve.


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