Would you like an easy excuse to reach out to your lost neighbors, friends, and colleagues with the love of Jesus? If so, we think Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity that’s on all of our horizons!

“But isn’t Valentine’s Day all about ooey-gooey romantic love?”

Well, maybe (although not always). And what we’re suggesting is not about lovey-dovey romance, but revealing the Father’s heart of love for those around us. Simple acts and words of love really can make a profound impact when done with sincerity and authenticity.

In this video Hannah shares five practical ideas:

  1. Bake cookies, give flowers, or some similar inexpensive yet thoughtful gift 
  2. Turn ‘You’ve been booed’ into ‘You are loved’ – find out how in the video
  3. Show your love and appreciation for essential workers on the frontlines fighting the pandemic
  4. Write a card that includes something specific about that person that you love/ appreciate
  5. On Valentine’s Day itself, seek to affirm and encourage anyone you interact with (in person or virtually)

All of these can be done in ways that are Covid-wise. The key is to find something that enables you to love your neighbor with kindness and specificity!


Next Steps

  1. Who would you like to show God’s love to this Valentine’s?
  2. What specifically will you do?
  3. Do you have any other ideas to suggest? If so, please post below!

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