“How starting with rest will transform your work productiveness!”

As we enter into a new church and school year, how effective do you want to be?

All of us want to serve Jesus well and extend His Kingdom. But if we’re honest, we also know that our levels of productiveness vary greatly. This is where we need to learn from how God designed things to work.

The principle we are meant to follow is very simple: God rests from work, humans work from rest.

This isn’t an excuse for laziness, but it is a reorientation of values, whereby we live from that place of deep trust that God is the provider of all that we need, including in our work and ministry.

In under 4 minutes this video will describe how YOU can learn to operate out of a place of rest in the months ahead!

As I say at the end, this principle has been transformatory for Hannah and myself – we hope it is for you and your household as well.



  1. Discuss with your spouse or accountability partner how you can better operate out of a place of rest.


  2. Open your calendar and clearly block out rest times.
    This should include:
    – a weekly full day off
    – a draft vacation schedule over the next year
    – regular times of exercise, hobbies, and recreation throughout the week.
    Then show your plan to someone else and invite them to help you be accountable for living this out.

The Naturally Supernatural Coaching Cohort

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If you have any questions, please let us know!


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