In spite of its dark origins and meaning, Halloween is nevertheless an opportunity to live as missionaries in our fallen culture.

After all, most of the families in your community are out and about and coming to your front door to talk to you!

This is a great time to chat with your neighbors. It might be for a few seconds while the kids grab some candy and then dash off to the next house, or for a little longer as their supervising adults linger, or as you intentionally make plans to hang with people from your street.

To help you seize the moment, we’ve created a list of 8 ideas you can run with. We’ve designed it so that not all of them require that you have school-age children yourself.

It’s vital to be praying that the presence and light of Jesus would be very evident as people engage with you and come to your home.

Whatever you do this weekend, this is a time to be interceding for your friends and neighbors to encounter our Risen Lord Jesus and to be protected from the snares of the evil one.


8 Ways to Do Halloween on Mission

1. Pumpkin carving or painting party
2. Craft making party
3. Fancy dress costume party/ parade/ contest to let the kids show off and win prizes
4. Treasure hunt/ quiz. Follow clues to different places in your neighborhood(e.g. “what decoration is on the front door of #2300”) and end up back at your house for prize giving
5. Games, drinks, and hanging out around the fire pit before or after trick or treating
6. Chili cook-off, with bags of Fritos into which chili is served
7. Serve warm cocoa to the parents
8. Sit out front with a friend or neighbor while handing out candy


NEXT STEPS: As you read the list, ask the Lord which activity He wants you to do – or let it be a springboard into your own idea. Then go and have fun!

It’s not too late to host something, even if it’s a last minute impromptu event – sometimes those are the best!

With love & blessings,

Alex and Hannah

P.S. We’d love to see what you come up with! Let us know below, or by emailing, what you’re going to be doing and we’ll share the best ideas with others in future years.


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