These practical resources have evolved out of thousands of hours of on-the-ground experimentation here in the US. They are written out of the missional crucible of our successes and failures, our joys and our disappointments, in real-life situations. Always practical, the intention is to give you plug-and-play tools and learnings that you take, use and tweak for your unique context. Enjoy!


Viral GospelThe Viral Gospel explains the principle of the Person of Peace, and shows you practical ways of living this out. This is a simple, repeatable framework that empowers every Christian to share their faith in relational ways.

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One OfOne Of was written with my friend Greg Nettle, and sets out the basis for incarnational mission (but in more readily accessible language!). You’ll love this – and the funny, easy to use graphics!

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This is a very practical tool that helps you (or those you lead) work through the practical strategies and tactics associated with implementing a plan. The aim is to specify specifc steps that take you towards a named goal – and not simply leave everything to chance!

Start by identifying an area where you want to see strategic change occur (e.g. “We want to launch missional communities in our church”). Be specific in this larger goal. Then break that down into 2 or 3 key steps that need to be taken (e.g. “Run a pilot missional community process for potential leaders”, and “Help those leaders to identify their mission vision and walk them through the launch process”). On the sheet you then see 8 columns, each unpacking different aspects of the planning process. Some sections will be easy to complete, others tougher, but the vital thing is to be as specific as possible — this is a time to form a SMART plan (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-related.)

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These Coaching Questions are an excellent framework tool to use when coaching others. They work especially well in groups, as together the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. You can try:

  • Dishing out a sheet, and asking each person to identify one question that summarizes where Jesus is most speaking to them right now (in either encouragement or challenge)
  • Sometimes you might want to limit their choices to selecting from one specified column (if, for instance, you want to focus on the ‘Out’ side of life)
  • Then use their responses to coach them how to grow in their idenitfied area. Ask lots of questions – but don’t be afraid to share from your experience. Also be listening to the Lord, as He will often give prophetic insight into the situation at hand. Make sure you involve the whole group in these conversations, e.g. “Who else resonates with this topic? Who has seen breakthrough in this area at some point? What Biblical wisdom can you offer here?” etc.

There are TWO sheets to download – one focuses more on CHARACTER, and the second is more about SKILLS.

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The 10 Life-Giving Laws of a Missional Church!

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