Welcome to Dandelion!

We exist to resource leaders, churches, networks and denominations in
creating missional and naturally supernatural cultures, which will
consistently produce disciple-making disciples of Jesus

Imagine a church of communities that live on mission 24/7...

Our unparalleled experience in missional communities can serve and inspire you

Imagine if your church had a viral disciple-making system...

Let us show you how to customize and do this in YOUR context

Imagine a church that is growing both in depth and size...

Our extensive blog archive is a treasure trove of practical ideas that you can take and try

Planted by seasoned missional practitioners and consultants Alex and Hannah Absalom, Dandelion is here to empower YOU to raise up godly, Spirit-filled, mission-minded, multiplying disciples of Jesus.

Imagine a seed carrying the DNA of Jesus, blown by His Spirit, floating to wherever the Father wants it planted. Once there it quickly puts down roots and produces new life – and in time new seeds appear, which are launched out to spread the Kingdom invasion even further afield…

“We love to pour into Jesus-loving leaders, and we believe that by investing deeply and consistently there is the highest possibility of seeing extraordinary pockets of life spring up all over the place, in every sort of environment.

“This is the Dandelion dream – and we would be hugely honored to serve and partner with you in seeing this become a greater reality in your unique context!”

Some of the denominations, networks and churches we’ve worked with include:


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